All About Us

Kat, Anni, and Tim are graduate students getting their MSBA in Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise at Colorado State University. They will be constructing aquaponic systems in Lima, Peru to test the feasibility of such systems to feed malnourished communities in arid cities. They plan to show that aquaponics can provide fresh, organic vegetables to an area where they are otherwise untenable, while at the same time introducing a sustainable supply of fish. Please subscribe to this blog to find out more about them and their work!


Heading Home

Kat and Anni have arrived safe and sound back in the US, while Wade finishes up one last week in Lima. On the home front, Anni and Kat are preparing the receipts we collected of every purchase we made while in Lima to present to Philanthropiece - who kindly provided the funding for our trip.

The aquaponic system in Kat's back yard is in full production! The broccoli has already been harvested (and was delicious, according to Sam), and there are tomatoes and peppers on the vine, ripening in the hot Colorado sun. The marigolds act as a natural pest repellent, and make it a little easier on the eyes...


Wrapping it up!

Our time in Lima is quickly coming to an end. But before we go - we are squeezing in as much as possible! In Kat's last days in Peru, she has been conducting research at local grocery stores, and running a follow-up workshop with the tuberculosis patients in Pachacutec, Ventanilla. Aquaponics experts, and Organic Oasis partners, Tito and Jan Craff, attended the workshop as well. Tito did a great job of explaining aquaponics, and getting the families excited about building their own systems. Organic Oasis will have to continue this partnership from afar, but can rest easy knowing Tito will guide them well!


Moving Right Along....

Yesterday Anni held a workshop for ISEAT, a partner organization of PRISMA working with tuberculosis patients in the community of Ventanilla (slums of Lima). There she presented the acuaponics project and held a workshop to start their own systems. This group of 15 families committed to taking on the aquaponics challenge to help feed their families! PRISMA will be providing loans for the community members to get started and Organic Oasis will be assisting in helping them to evolve as a small enterprise. On Monday, Kat will be holding a follow-up organizational meeting. We are thrilled to be able to team up with this community and others to come! Tomorrow Kat and Anni are making a presentation to the Rotary club here in Peru and then meeting with some more Peace Corps Volunteers.