All About Us

Kat, Anni, and Tim are graduate students getting their MSBA in Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise at Colorado State University. They will be constructing aquaponic systems in Lima, Peru to test the feasibility of such systems to feed malnourished communities in arid cities. They plan to show that aquaponics can provide fresh, organic vegetables to an area where they are otherwise untenable, while at the same time introducing a sustainable supply of fish. Please subscribe to this blog to find out more about them and their work!


Moving forward

We have had a productive week here in cloudy Lima. We have met twice now with a PhD student writing his dissertation on aquaponics, and he has been a tremendous help on the technical side of our system. Tomorrow, we begin purchasing the parts for the system and will install it this weekend at the school! We also have begun conducting some surveys with local corner store owners - such as Fran, in the photo with Kat and Anni. We asked if he wanted to take a picture with Wade, but he said he preferred the girls! :)